So That Time I Said I Wanted To Lose 100 lbs: C25K

That time I said I was gonna lose 100 lbs…

While I haven’t been actively trying to lose weight, it doesn’t mean I’ve completely given up either. I have been going to the gym for the past month and promised myself that once I had been in the gym for a month, I would start the Couch to 5K program. The C25K program is a 10 week beginner runner program that helps you train to run a 5K. My work out right now consists of 45 minutes of walking 4 days per week and two days of using the circuit at my gym. I think I should be able to handle the program. Here’s the 10 week schedule

As someone who has been overweight her whole life, being able to run a mile has never been something I could actually achieve. Even in middle and high school when we had to take those physical fitness assessments, I walked at least 1/2 the mile. Of course it didn’t help that I hated taking gym and would avoid physical activity by not having my gym clothes. I’ve always had an idea that I wanted to try running but being overweight -and busty!- just made exercising physically uncomfortable and down right embarrassing to a teenage girl. So, over the years it has become something of a bucket list item for me.  If at the end of 8 weeks I can run a mile nonstop, I will be elated! It will be the first time in history for me. I just need to find the motivation to stick this out for ten weeks and hopefully by then, it will be a habit.  

I have downloaded a couple of apps on my I-phone to help me achieve this. In addition, I have started listening to podcasts in the hopes of finding inspiration to stick it out. I will review the app next week as well as a check in on my first week progress. 



My Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

Hello all,

So recently I discovered capsule wardrobing while looking at videos on youtube. I had never heard of this before and was actually quite intrigued by what I discovered. I don’t necessarily consider myself a minimalist, but I also don’t like having lots of stuff either. However, I always thought fashionable women were women who could go months without repeating an outfit. So that was always my goal. Buy enough clothing that I didn’t have to repeat an outfit for several months. I never fully reached that goal. Most recently I think I made it to 6 weeks with my work wardrobe. 

A capsule wardrobe is the complete opposite of this philosophy. You see a capsule wardrobe is about scaling down. It is made up a a few key pieces of clothing that can be worn interchangeably.  This usually means buying essential pieces in neutral colors. The fewer the pieces the better. Less than 30 items including shirts, dresses, skirts, tops, accessories, shoes, and jackets according to some people. One of my favorite capsule wardrobe youtubers right now is Audrey Coyne. Not only do I love her style, but her videos inspired me to give capsule wardrobing a try. 

So with that, here’s a look at my first attempt at capsule wardrobing – the plus size edition. I have a 29 piece season-less wardrobe. That means that these 29 pieces can be worn all year long, and I will add 7-10 pieces that will reflect the season. My wardrobe doesn’t include shoes though. Here’s what it does include:

1 blue rain coat

1 denim jacket

1 black blazer

5 pairs of pixie pants (army green, khaki, gray, blue, and black)

1 pair dark washed skinny jeans

3 pairs of boot leg pants (Gray, black, denim colored)

5 tank tops (2 white, gray, black, patterned)

1 white bow blouse

1 white t-shirt

1 black/white striped long sleeve shirt

5 cardigans (white, navy, navy/white striped, gray, black)

3 button down shirts (white, blue, patterned)

I have been doing this for about 5 weeks and the hardest part is the repeating of outfits. I have enough items to go two week without repeat but my mind rebels by the time the 3rd week rolls around. I am still gonna stick with it though. 

Bye for now!