That Time I Said I Wanted To Lose 100 lbs: Injury

So its been a few weeks since I said I would start the C25K program. I haven’t updated progress because there hasn’t been any. Unfortunately, I experience and injury during that first week. After the third day, I was in so much pain I could barely get out of bed. I went to work and spent the whole day limping around. Originally, I thought it was just normal gym soreness. I decided to give it a week before going back but one week later, I was still in a lot of pain. 

I actually wound up going to a sports clinic and was given anti-inflammatories and a referral for physical therapy to address my injury. I was also told at that time that I have “a little” bit of arthritis in my hip which was where the pain was centered. My paternal grandmother was obese and suffered from arthritis. As a child, I remember her having a heavy gait and a limp. As an adult, I remember her using a walker to get around. She was constantly in pain. 

I have no doubt that if this arthritis progresses, this will be my future. Of course the treatment options listed on WebMD are exercise and lose weight. This is actually the first concrete health issue that I have that can be alleviated by weight loss. I just hope it helps motivate me to finally get it together. 

So, I start a new job in about a week and one of the benefits of the new job is that my commute will go from 40 minutes to 4 minutes. In addition, my current start time is 7:30 am and my new start time will be 8 am. That gives me an extra 70 minutes in the morning, and I think I am going to use that time to get in some exercise.