Another Year…

A new year is here and like most people, I find myself reflecting on what happened the previous year while making resolutions/plans for the next year. I know we are not supposed to make resolutions any more, but that is not gonna stop me!!

2017 was a pretty bleh for me. It had some highs, some lows, but it was mostly just…mundane.


I started out in a job with a toxic boss but managed to transfer departments by June. I loved my new department and really, really liked my new boss. He wound up quitting after I had been in the department for about 3 months. Around that time, a job I had applied for in early 2017 called me out of the blue to offer me a position. The position paid more, and had a shorter commute. My old commute was about 40-45 minutes but my new commute is about 10 minutes! I miss my previous job though. I miss the people and the work itself. My new job is ok, but nothing about the job excites me. Luckily, I don’t have to wait a whole year to post out. I only need to stay in the department six months before applying for another position.


I am an introvert and found myself staying home instead of going out to social gatherings. I can count on one hand the number of times I had a girls/date night. I didn’t even leave the state this year to visit family. I love being an introvert because I think is it important to be ok with being alone. However, we are social creatures and I don’t think it is healthy to shun all social interactions. Not to mention the fact that there are real benefits to networking and being social. In addition to not participating in social activities, I also didn’t do as much volunteering.


Do I really even need to talk about this. Not only did I stop going to Weight Watchers, but I haven’t been to the gym since injuring myself. My hip feels fine, but I just never got around to going back to the gym.

For 2018 I want to address these areas of my life. I have several resolutions which I will share in a later post. For now, I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

That Time I Said I Wanted To Lose 100 lbs: Injury

So its been a few weeks since I said I would start the C25K program. I haven’t updated progress because there hasn’t been any. Unfortunately, I experience and injury during that first week. After the third day, I was in so much pain I could barely get out of bed. I went to work and spent the whole day limping around. Originally, I thought it was just normal gym soreness. I decided to give it a week before going back but one week later, I was still in a lot of pain. 

I actually wound up going to a sports clinic and was given anti-inflammatories and a referral for physical therapy to address my injury. I was also told at that time that I have “a little” bit of arthritis in my hip which was where the pain was centered. My paternal grandmother was obese and suffered from arthritis. As a child, I remember her having a heavy gait and a limp. As an adult, I remember her using a walker to get around. She was constantly in pain. 

I have no doubt that if this arthritis progresses, this will be my future. Of course the treatment options listed on WebMD are exercise and lose weight. This is actually the first concrete health issue that I have that can be alleviated by weight loss. I just hope it helps motivate me to finally get it together. 

So, I start a new job in about a week and one of the benefits of the new job is that my commute will go from 40 minutes to 4 minutes. In addition, my current start time is 7:30 am and my new start time will be 8 am. That gives me an extra 70 minutes in the morning, and I think I am going to use that time to get in some exercise.

My Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

Hello all,

So recently I discovered capsule wardrobing while looking at videos on youtube. I had never heard of this before and was actually quite intrigued by what I discovered. I don’t necessarily consider myself a minimalist, but I also don’t like having lots of stuff either. However, I always thought fashionable women were women who could go months without repeating an outfit. So that was always my goal. Buy enough clothing that I didn’t have to repeat an outfit for several months. I never fully reached that goal. Most recently I think I made it to 6 weeks with my work wardrobe. 

A capsule wardrobe is the complete opposite of this philosophy. You see a capsule wardrobe is about scaling down. It is made up a a few key pieces of clothing that can be worn interchangeably.  This usually means buying essential pieces in neutral colors. The fewer the pieces the better. Less than 30 items including shirts, dresses, skirts, tops, accessories, shoes, and jackets according to some people. One of my favorite capsule wardrobe youtubers right now is Audrey Coyne. Not only do I love her style, but her videos inspired me to give capsule wardrobing a try. 

So with that, here’s a look at my first attempt at capsule wardrobing – the plus size edition. I have a 29 piece season-less wardrobe. That means that these 29 pieces can be worn all year long, and I will add 7-10 pieces that will reflect the season. My wardrobe doesn’t include shoes though. Here’s what it does include:

1 blue rain coat

1 denim jacket

1 black blazer

5 pairs of pixie pants (army green, khaki, gray, blue, and black)

1 pair dark washed skinny jeans

3 pairs of boot leg pants (Gray, black, denim colored)

5 tank tops (2 white, gray, black, patterned)

1 white bow blouse

1 white t-shirt

1 black/white striped long sleeve shirt

5 cardigans (white, navy, navy/white striped, gray, black)

3 button down shirts (white, blue, patterned)

I have been doing this for about 5 weeks and the hardest part is the repeating of outfits. I have enough items to go two week without repeat but my mind rebels by the time the 3rd week rolls around. I am still gonna stick with it though. 

Bye for now! 




So that time I said I was gonna lose 100 lbs…

Hello world,

I have been absent from this blog for quite some time. This is pretty much the reason I was hesitant to start a blog. Fear of not losing the weight (again!) and having to face that I failed. I have been avoiding the blog for this very reason. However, I have been wanting to blog for years and I decided to not tuck my tail and run because I didn’t do what I set out to do. I haven’t gained the few pounds I lost back, so that is a plus!

So this blog is gonna just be a mix of things that interest me going forward. Whatever pops into my head and some recipes and weight loss updates scattered through out. We’ll see how it goes. 

Bye for now…

Missing in Action

Hello all,

Well it has been a while since I blogged. I won’t bore you with a thousand excuses as to why I haven’t been here, but I am ready to come back to this blog and finish what was started months ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t actually lost any additional weight but I haven’t gained the few pounds that I lost so I guess that is something. I have not been to WW meetings but now that my life is slowing returning to some form of normalcy, I will be updating next week with a weight update and new recipes.

See you soon…

Red Lentil and Chicken Chili

I was vegan for a whole year back in 2012. Yes, I was a fat vegan. One of my favorite recipes was this chili that replaces beans with red lentils. Since I now eat meat, I decided to add ground chicken. This recipe is delicious, healthy, and filling. This is a slow cooker recipe and I have only ever made this using a crock pot.

Red Lentil and Chicken Chili
A twist on traditional chili
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Prep Time
30 min
Cook Time
6 hr 30 min
Total Time
7 hr
Prep Time
30 min
Cook Time
6 hr 30 min
Total Time
7 hr
  1. 1 tbs olive oil
  2. 2 Cups Red lentils
  3. 1 White onion
  4. 1 Red Pepper
  5. 1 Orange pepper
  6. 1 can tomato paste
  7. 1 bulb garlic
  8. 1 bag red lentils (16 ounces)
  9. 1 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes
  10. 2 quarts chicken broth
  11. 2 tbs chili powder
  12. 2 tbs cumin
  13. 1 tsp cayenne pepper
  14. 1 12 oz package of sweet corn
  15. 1 package ground chicken
  1. Heat skillet with olive oil. Put ground chicken in hot pan and cook thoroughly.
  2. Coarsely chop onion and peppers, then finely chop garlic.
  3. Add cooked ground chicken to crock pot. Combine all ingredients except corn into crock pot and stir. Cover and cook on low for six hours. After 6 hours, add frozen corn and cook an additional 30 minutes.
Weight For Ty

Weekly Update 2 – Lose 100 lbs

Staying Accountable – Weekly Update 2

Since part of losing weight is staying accountable, I will be posting weekly updates. Saturdays are my weigh in day with Weight Watchers. For those of you on WW, you know that weekly points reset on weigh in day. I chose Saturday for my weigh in day because I figured I would rather have my weekly points available for the whole weekend. I currently get 42 weekly points and 36 daily points.

Yesterday, the scale had me down by .4 lbs. This brings my current weight to 252.8. I am glad for any loss and I know there were certainly some bad moments this week. I won’t make excuses, it is what it is!

What I did right this week

I park-and-ride to my job. I decided to start walking from my job to the lot to pick up my car in the evening. The walk is about 20 minutes, and I did took the walk 4 days this week. I tracked my eating about 75% of the time this week.

What I need to improve

I need to get back into the gym. This is very important going forward.

Goals for this week

Lose 1-2 lbs

Join gym

Track food

Mini Egg White Frittatas

I am always looking for low point breakfasts and these mini frittatas are perfect! Low in points and filling at the same time. I will usually eat this with a sausage patty or fruit and still keep the points low. This allows for a larger dinner in the evening. You can also use cheese to up the flavor and still manage to keep the points low. This is hands down my favorite weekday breakfast right now. I make them on the weekend and freeze in bags for the rest of the week! This yields 12 minis and I can have three for four points.

Mini Frittatas
Serves 4
Egg white frittatas
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
30 min
  1. 2 cp. Egg Whites
  2. 1/2 cup Spinach
  3. 1/2 cup Cherry Tomatoes
  4. Cooking spray
  1. Preheat oven to 350. Using muffin tin, use cooking spray to lightly coat each section of pan. Chop raw spinach and evenly distribute into each tin. Chop cherry tomatoes and evenly distribute into each tin. Pour salt and pepper into bowl with egg whites and mix. Then pour egg whites into each tin until half full. Bake for 20 minutes.
Weight For Ty

Staying Accountable – Weekly Update 1

Since part of losing weight is staying accountable, I will be posting weekly updates. Saturdays are my weigh in day with Weight Watchers. For those of you on WW, you know that weekly points reset on weigh in day. I chose Saturday for my weigh in day because I figured I would rather have my weekly points available for the whole weekend. I currently get 42 weekly points and 36 daily points.

In my first post I talked about how much weight I wanted to lose but never actually told you my current weight. When I first started going back to WW meetings last week, I weighed in at 256.8. Yesterday was Saturday and I weighed in at 253.2.

What I did right this week
Tracking: I didn’t track every single day, but I tracked most days. I would say I tracked about 75% of what I ate and it made me aware of how much I was consuming.

Walking: I have not yet joined a gym but I did increase the amount of walking I did. I volunteered to run errands at work, took the dog for longer walks, and got out of the house more.

What I need to improve
Aerobic Activity: I did not actually do strenuous activity. While I increased my steps, I didn’t work up a sweat or do anything that accelerated my heart rate. Now I know that weight loss is more about food than exercise, but exercise actually maximizes results so I need to make it a part of my life.

Eating out: I work 8-5, M-F. I bought breakfast almost every day and bought lunch at least two days. As a matter of fact, I actually bought breakfast on Friday without looking up the points for the item ahead of time. It wasn’t until after I had eaten it that I realized the item was 20 points! A twenty point breakfast?!? I don’t want that to happen again.

Weekly Goals:
1. Track
2. Join gym
3. Start wearing pedometer
4. Bring breakfast and lunch to work.

Goals for this month

Since this is the beginning of the month I would like to share a my of goals for April.
1. Lose at least 10lb by April 30
2. Exercise 3-4X per week
3. Meal prep on Saturdays

So there you have it. Going forward, I will post an update every Sunday detailing my progress and goals for the upcoming week. Feel free to share your progress and goals in the comments section as well.

Have a great week!

Introduction – My Goal to Lose 100 lbs.

Lose 100 lbs?

I have been struggling with starting this blog for a while. My fear has been that I will actually fail to lose the weight. That is nothing new really, I have been trying to lose weight since I was a kid. The difference is that by having a blog, I would actually have an audience to witness it. It’s one thing to fail in the privacy of your own life, it’s a whole different ball game to fail with an audience. But I need to lose the weight.

I have been obese my whole life really. In every picture I have of myself, I am obese. I started wearing junior size clothing when I was around 9. By 13 I was wearing misses’ size clothing, and by 16 I wore plus size clothing. As a kid, my mom and her sister would go school shopping for me, my sister, and my first cousin. They would actually buy matching outfits for my sister and cousin so much that people actually thought the two of them were sisters. Despite both of them being older than me, I was several sizes larger than both of them.

I won’t even go into life as an overweight high school/college student. As an adult, I have reached the point where I am tired of hating the way I look. I am tired of feeling out of control when it comes to eating. Most importantly, I am tired of feeling like a failure. So here is another attempt in a long line of attempts to lose the weight.

The Plan

I have been paying for Weight Watchers for months without attending meetings. My job ran a promotional and I signed up and they have been faithfully taking the fee out on the 13 of the month ever since. I just started going back to meetings. I am allowed 36 daily points and 42 weekly points. I will stick with meetings no matter what!


I hate exercise. I hate everything about it. I hate sweating and…moving. All of it! But I know this is needed so I am going to join they gym around the corner from my apartment. I know losing weight is all about motivating yourself to follow through. That is why it is necessary for me to use WW and the gym because I have found those things have helped motivate me in the past.

So, I hope to talk more with people who are in my same predicament. Please feel free to share your struggles and successes in the comments and hopefully we will all find motivation to reach our goals.