Introduction – My Goal to Lose 100 lbs.

Lose 100 lbs?

I have been struggling with starting this blog for a while. My fear has been that I will actually fail to lose the weight. That is nothing new really, I have been trying to lose weight since I was a kid. The difference is that by having a blog, I would actually have an audience to witness it. It’s one thing to fail in the privacy of your own life, it’s a whole different ball game to fail with an audience. But I need to lose the weight.

I have been obese my whole life really. In every picture I have of myself, I am obese. I started wearing junior size clothing when I was around 9. By 13 I was wearing misses’ size clothing, and by 16 I wore plus size clothing. As a kid, my mom and her sister would go school shopping for me, my sister, and my first cousin. They would actually buy matching outfits for my sister and cousin so much that people actually thought the two of them were sisters. Despite both of them being older than me, I was several sizes larger than both of them.

I won’t even go into life as an overweight high school/college student. As an adult, I have reached the point where I am tired of hating the way I look. I am tired of feeling out of control when it comes to eating. Most importantly, I am tired of feeling like a failure. So here is another attempt in a long line of attempts to lose the weight.

The Plan

I have been paying for Weight Watchers for months without attending meetings. My job ran a promotional and I signed up and they have been faithfully taking the fee out on the 13 of the month ever since. I just started going back to meetings. I am allowed 36 daily points and 42 weekly points. I will stick with meetings no matter what!


I hate exercise. I hate everything about it. I hate sweating and…moving. All of it! But I know this is needed so I am going to join they gym around the corner from my apartment. I know losing weight is all about motivating yourself to follow through. That is why it is necessary for me to use WW and the gym because I have found those things have helped motivate me in the past.

So, I hope to talk more with people who are in my same predicament. Please feel free to share your struggles and successes in the comments and hopefully we will all find motivation to reach our goals.


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4 thoughts on “Introduction – My Goal to Lose 100 lbs.

  1. I salute you for pouring your heart and having courage to face on your struggles when it comes to losing the extra pounds… i am considered on a bigger side, and also doing some efforts to have a healthier body, i can understand the struggles, sending you my positive thoughts!

    1. Thank you for saying this. May we both be successful in this journey!

  2. Hi! I’m also a weight watchers member! I run a food/diy/craft blog but I’ve recently added a new section called Food Blogger on a Diet. Good luck on your journey 🙂

    1. Just took a look at your site and I love it! Will definitely be visiting your site. Thanks for stopping by.

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