Staying Accountable – Weekly Update 1

Since part of losing weight is staying accountable, I will be posting weekly updates. Saturdays are my weigh in day with Weight Watchers. For those of you on WW, you know that weekly points reset on weigh in day. I chose Saturday for my weigh in day because I figured I would rather have my weekly points available for the whole weekend. I currently get 42 weekly points and 36 daily points.

In my first post I talked about how much weight I wanted to lose but never actually told you my current weight. When I first started going back to WW meetings last week, I weighed in at 256.8. Yesterday was Saturday and I weighed in at 253.2.

What I did right this week
Tracking: I didn’t track every single day, but I tracked most days. I would say I tracked about 75% of what I ate and it made me aware of how much I was consuming.

Walking: I have not yet joined a gym but I did increase the amount of walking I did. I volunteered to run errands at work, took the dog for longer walks, and got out of the house more.

What I need to improve
Aerobic Activity: I did not actually do strenuous activity. While I increased my steps, I didn’t work up a sweat or do anything that accelerated my heart rate. Now I know that weight loss is more about food than exercise, but exercise actually maximizes results so I need to make it a part of my life.

Eating out: I work 8-5, M-F. I bought breakfast almost every day and bought lunch at least two days. As a matter of fact, I actually bought breakfast on Friday without looking up the points for the item ahead of time. It wasn’t until after I had eaten it that I realized the item was 20 points! A twenty point breakfast?!? I don’t want that to happen again.

Weekly Goals:
1. Track
2. Join gym
3. Start wearing pedometer
4. Bring breakfast and lunch to work.

Goals for this month

Since this is the beginning of the month I would like to share a my of goals for April.
1. Lose at least 10lb by April 30
2. Exercise 3-4X per week
3. Meal prep on Saturdays

So there you have it. Going forward, I will post an update every Sunday detailing my progress and goals for the upcoming week. Feel free to share your progress and goals in the comments section as well.

Have a great week!

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  1. So, I am also on a weight loss journey, except mine also comes with the added bonus of hypothyroidism (note the sarcasm, please). I teach bootcamp classes twice per week, but I really need to do 4-5 days of exercise per week in order to see results. I can’t wait for the spring weather to finally hit us on the East Coast of Canada. We are almost there…

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