So That Time I Said I Wanted To Lose 100 lbs: C25K

That time I said I was gonna lose 100 lbs…

While I haven’t been actively trying to lose weight, it doesn’t mean I’ve completely given up either. I have been going to the gym for the past month and promised myself that once I had been in the gym for a month, I would start the Couch to 5K program. The C25K program is a 10 week beginner runner program that helps you train to run a 5K. My work out right now consists of 45 minutes of walking 4 days per week and two days of using the circuit at my gym. I think I should be able to handle the program. Here’s the 10 week schedule

As someone who has been overweight her whole life, being able to run a mile has never been something I could actually achieve. Even in middle and high school when we had to take those physical fitness assessments, I walked at least 1/2 the mile. Of course it didn’t help that I hated taking gym and would avoid physical activity by not having my gym clothes. I’ve always had an idea that I wanted to try running but being overweight -and busty!- just made exercising physically uncomfortable and down right embarrassing to a teenage girl. So, over the years it has become something of a bucket list item for me.  If at the end of 8 weeks I can run a mile nonstop, I will be elated! It will be the first time in history for me. I just need to find the motivation to stick this out for ten weeks and hopefully by then, it will be a habit.  

I have downloaded a couple of apps on my I-phone to help me achieve this. In addition, I have started listening to podcasts in the hopes of finding inspiration to stick it out. I will review the app next week as well as a check in on my first week progress. 



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