Weekly Update 3 – Lose 100 lbs

Staying Accountable – Weekly Update 3

Since part of losing weight is staying accountable, I will be posting weekly updates. Saturdays are my weigh in day with Weight Watchers. For those of you on WW, you know that weekly points reset on weigh in day. I chose Saturday for my weigh in day because I figured I would rather have my weekly points available for the whole weekend. I currently get 42 weekly points and 35 daily points.

Sorry for not updating last week, but  honestly I didn’t lose anything and I was busy with the Easter festivities. I am back this week for my weekly update and this week’s news is better than last week. I am down 1.4 lbs bringing my current weight to 251.4. Hopefully I can be out of the 250’s by the end of the week. 

What I did right this week

I have been continuing to walk from my job to the car lot after work. While I didn’t track as much, I have been paying closer attention to my portion size. I have been leaving food on the plate and passing on seconds. 

What I need to improve

No I have not returned to the gym as I said I would. There is no excuse for this. I just haven’t done it yet. So this week I am going back to gym! I have penciled it into my calendar for Monday night. 

I also want to do better about planning fitness activities and meals. 

Goals for this week

Lose 1-2 lbs

Go back to gym

Meal plan

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